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Regular Show Vol. 9

Book #9 of Regular Show
Illustrated by Laura Howell
Published by KaBOOM!
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

An action hero competition between nostalgia-obsessed park employees Mordecai and Rigby spirals out of control when their favorite franchise stars offer them the chance to take over their characters . . . forever!


Mordecai and Rigby’s argument about whose action movie hero is superior—Lobster Bones versus Crab Van Dam—is getting on everyone’s nerves, and it turns dangerous when the dudes become possessed by malevolent memorabilia. Will Mordecai and Rigby break free of the franchises’ grasp, or will they spend their lives dodging straight-to-DVD sharks and explosions?!

From writing partners Ulises Farinas (Judge Dredd, Amazing Forest) and Erick Freitas (Godzilla in Hell, Amazing Forest) with art by Laura Howell (Angry Birds), Regular Show Volume 9 collects issues #33-36 of the hit Cartoon Network series.

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