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Rainforests are a natural wonder, our planet’s green lung. Rainforests are home to over half the world’s animal and plant species. Many of our everyday foods originate from these rich habitats, and rainforest plants are used in life-saving medicines. Most importantly, rainforests play a critical role in stabilising our climate; without them, life on Earth would be quite different. Yet, despite their vital importance, rainforests are disappearing at an increasingly alarming rate.

This book celebrates these essential ecosystems, looking at both tropical and temperate rainforests around the world, providing a pictorial record of these living wonderlands before they are gone forever.

Dr. Simon Dures earned his PhD in evolution and ecology from Imperial College London and the Zoological Society of London. Born in South Africa and raised in the Sussex countryside, Simon has a lifelong passion for conservation and the wonders of our natural world. As well as peer-reviewed scientific publications, his research has been covered by New Scientist, the BBC and the Guardian. Simon has also contributed to books on travel and adventures in the natural world. Throughout his work, he advocates for realistic messages of conservation optimism to encourage the improved stewardship of our global natural heritage.

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