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Rage Against the Machine, Your Boss, Your Bills, and Everything Else

A How-To Guide to Small Acts of Revolt, Revenge, and Revolution

Tired of paying hundreds of dollars for a cell phone contract? Always end up with what seems like dozens of electrics accessories when all you wanted was a TV? Find yourself constantly stalked by telemarketers? Let this book teach you how to deal with all of those frustrations and more! A lot of people accept that these kinds of annoyances are just part of life, but what they don’t know is that there are ways to avoid them. Learn about the dozens of easy solutions that will help you:

• Stay one step ahead of greedy banks
• Get telemarketers to stop calling
• Negotiate a better deal at your gym
• "Win a round of boxing" with big-box retailers
• Extend a stay in Canada without documentation or hassle
• Use an entire printer cartridge

It’s a tough world out there, but figuring out how to (legally and safely) rage against those who deserve it is more satisfying than you could ever imagine!

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