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Quantum Physics for Smart Kids

A Little Scientist's Guide to Atoms, Molecules, Matter, and More

Book #4 of Future Geniuses
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Discover the mystery of science with Future Geniuses!

Join Valentia, the little scientist, and her cat, Plank, as they learn why Plank can never seem to catch the laser he loves to play with.

To do this, they must shrink down to the smallest size imaginable. Once they’re tiny, they can better learn about quantum physics, discovering secrets that are invisible to those of us who are full sized!

Valentina teaches Plank all about molecules, atoms, particles, photons, and matter., as well as solids, liquids, and gasses—and fusion and fission!

Future Geniuses is a collection that will help families spend time reading and learning together. Through simple text and fun illustrations, author and scientist Carlos Pazos makes the subjects of quantum physics approachable and easy to understand for even the smallest scientists.

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