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Princess Evie's Ponies: Shimmer the Magic Ice Pony

Illustrated by Sophie Tilley

Join Princess Evie as she is whisked away on a magical adventure on the back of Shimmer the Magic Ice Pony.

Princess Evie is crazy about her ponies. But Princess Evie's ponies aren't like any other ponies - oh no! Her ponies are magic ponies and, whenever Princess Evie rides them, she is whisked away on a magical adventure in a faraway land . . .

In this fifth title in the series, Princess Evie and Sparkles, the kitten, are whisked away on the back of Shimmer the Magic Ice Pony to a wonderful world of ice and magic for another fantastical adventure!

"A perfect series for little girls - ponies, magic and princesses mean that dreams are all brought together in these enchanting stories." Parents in Touch

"If the parties, fairies, magic and princesses don't hook your little girl, chances are the press out pony included will finish the job!" The Ross-Shire Journal

"The removable pop-up horse in each book makes them irresistibly collectable for little girls." The Bookseller Children's Previews

"Delicately coloured illustrations match the theme of the story beautifully. Collectable!" Parents in Touch

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