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Play Smart Play Again Picture Puzzles Ages 2-4

At-home Wipe-off Workbook with Erasable Marker

Book #19 of Play Smart

The Play Smart fun-first philosophy (which has proven hugely successful with children, parents, and educators) is: Children learn when they're having fun.  

Play Smart Play Again Picture Puzzles includes more than 60 engaging activities that help to hone preschoolers' focus, fine motor skills, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. Wipe-off pages, and a set of different challenges for every activity--from spot-the-difference and matching games to mazes and hidden pictures—make for hours of entertainment. The books are designed so that the puzzles get harder as you move through the book, helping to build a sense of independence, and confidence. Lively, colorful art, aa erasable marker, practice worksheets, and doodle pages complete the package.

These award-winning, kid-tested activities have won over millions of fans around the world.

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