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Pirates, Terrorists, and Warlords

The History, Influence, and Future of Armed Groups Around the World

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Pirates, warlords, guerillas, criminal organizations, drug cartels, apocalyptic religious extremists, police agencies, terrorists: these are classic insurgents whose past, present, and future is dissected in this important book. Contributing writers including Martha Crenshaw, T. X. Hammes, Russell Howard, Gene Cristy, Yosef Kuperwasser, and academics from Naval War College, Marine Corps War College, and Stanford University, explore important insurgency-related issues such as domestic terrorism, globalization of armed groups, children on the battlefield, religious influence on armed fights, and more. This rich anthology offers scholars and citizens a new way to think about national and international security—as it stands today, and its future.