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Pies, Glorious Pies

Brilliant recipes for mouth-wateringly tasty pies

You can’t beat a proper pie.

Whether savory or sweet, there’s something irresistible about breaking through that golden pastry crust and tucking into the succulent filling. One of the best ways to appreciate seasonal ingredients with very little fuss, they have always been a favorite dish and with these brilliant new recipes that won’t change anytime soon! Take a pie masterclass and learn Tips and Techniques for preparing the most perfect of pies as well as failsafe recipes for classic pastry crusts. Everyday Pies are simple yet tasty recipes for pies that will always be met with a smile at the dinner table—from a timeless Steak and Kidney Pie to a Sausage Lattice Slice. When entertaining, there is no match for a Posh Pie. Impressive dishes include a Beef and Smoked Oyster Pie and a Medieval Banquet Torta. If you want a quick bite on the go, Portable Pies include Classic Cornish Pasties as well as gourmet options such as Five-spice Venison Puffs. Finally, try one of the huge variety of Sweet Pies, which range from a rustic Spiced Baked Apple Pie or Pumpkin Pie to an indulgent Mississippi Mud Pie or Mango Curd Pavlova Pie. Whatever the season and whatever the occasion, there is a glorious pie to please.

Maxine Clark is a leading food writer and a gifted cooking teacher. She has taught in well-known cooking schools, such as Leith's in London, and has taught at Alistair Little's Tasting Places in Sicily and Tuscany. While in Italy, she has collected recipes that best display its strong and sunny flavours, and teaches them to students from all over the world. Her work regularly appears in magazines and newspapers such as 'BBC Good Food' and 'Food and Travel'. Her other books for Ryland Peters & Small include 'Tarts: Sweet and Savoury', 'Al Forno' and 'Dolcissimo'.

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