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Piano Chords: A Keyboard Sticker Book

The Sticker Book

Learn to play keyboard and piano!

Perfect for beginners, Piano Chords: A Keyboard Sticker Book is a comprehensive visual introduction to playing keyboards in all music genres. Use the stickers to assign colors to each key, and you'll create an easy-to-use visual guide that will enable you to practice with ease. As your skills progress and your repertoire expands, you'll be ready to perform a wide variety of songs with confidence!

Producer and songwriter Hereward Kaye was first discovered by Ray Davies of the Kinks, who went on to produce his debut album with Cafe Society in 1975. Over the subsequent 40 years Hereward has worked with a number of major names in the UK record industry and West End musical theater. In 2006 he founded Rok School, a musical academy in Sussex.