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Peel & Press Magic: Wild Animals

Created by Gakken Giftworks

With Peel & Press Magic, you can make sparkly, shiny, colorful, fuzzy, and fabulous wild animals in seconds (or keep going all day long)! 

Peel & Press Magic: Wild Animals comes with everything you need to make 40 one-of-a-kind (and awesome!) critters. And it is as easy as 1—2—3! 
1. Just peel the backing off of the animals (or other cool decoration!)
2. Place a sheet of shiny, colorful, sparkling foil or fuzzy sheet on top of the sticky area. 
3. Press down or rub. 
When you lift up the sheet, voila! You've created your very own magical animal! Stick it on your notebook, backpack, sneakers, locker, bedroom door, or wherever you want. 

The kit comes with 40 foam stickers, one fabulous art board, and 20 sheets (combined) of holographic foil, glitter foil, and fuzzy velvet. Plus, the folder becomes a playscape for your amazing creations

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