Our Principal's in His Underwear!

Part of QUIX
Illustrated by Aaron Blecha

About The Book

A unique principal named Mr. Bundy runs PS 88 in this silly, fun-to-read Aladdin QUIX chapter book that’s perfect for emerging readers!

Mr. Bundy gets a brand-new outfit…but he’s the only one in PS 88 that thinks it’s spectacular! In this clever twist on The Emperor’s New Clothes, acclaimed author Stephanie Calmenson turns a beloved fairy tale on its ear with the silly (mis)adventures of Mr. Bundy!


Our Principal’s in His Underwear! 1 Greetings, Mr. B!
Everyone at PS 88 knows that Mr. Bundy is the best principal in town. They also know that he’s the sharpest dresser. That’s why his students don’t want to miss a day of school. They like to see what he’s wearing.

One day, he’ll have on a three-piece suit, with a crisply ironed handkerchief peeking out of his pocket.

The next day, it will be a snazzy plaid jacket, with matching tie and socks.

“Looking good, Mr. B!” his students always say.

Word got around about Mr. Bundy’s clothes, and one day, a man and a woman who said they were tailors called on him.

They handed him their business card.

On one side the card said:

And on the other side it said:

But they were not really tailors. They were tricksters.

“Greetings, Mr. B,” said Ivy. “How would you like to buy an amazing, one-of-a-kind suit? That means no one but you will own it!”

“Thanks, but I don’t think so,” said Mr. Bundy. “I have so many suits already. I really don’t need another.”

“Ah, but this is no ordinary suit,” said Moe. “It has special powers. Very special powers.”

About The Author

Stephanie Calmenson is the acclaimed author of many popular books for young readers including Dinner at the Panda Palace; May I Pet Your Dog?; and the Ready, Set, Dogs! series written with Magic School Bus author Joanna Cole. A former early childhood teacher and children’s book editor, Stephanie feels fortunate to be able to teach, entertain, and encourage kids through her books. To read more, please visit StephanieCalmenson.com.

About The Illustrator

Aaron Blecha is an artist and author who designs funny characters and illustrates humorous books. His work includes the Shark School series and Goodnight, Grizzle Grump! Originally from Wisconsin, Aaron now lives with his family by the south English seaside.

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