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Original Methods of Self Defense: Jiu Jitsu

The Effective Mode of Japanese Self-Defense

Learn how to utilize the ancient Japanese method of self-defense
Jiu Jitsu is one of the oldest forms of self-defense, thought to have been practiced since 200 BCE. The form was created in feudal Japan to defeat armed and armored samurai when one has no weapon. After it was realized that striking an armored opponent was ineffective, the mode of self-defense was altered to use the opponent’s force and weight against themselves. Today, Jiu Jitsu has formed into a martial art and sport similar to wrestling and consisting of different defensive and offensive methods to defeat your opponent, such as:

  • Striking (kicking and punching)
  • Throwing (unbalancing and body throws)
  • Restraining (pinning, strangling, and grappling)
  • Defensive tactics like evading, blocking, and off-balancing
  • And more!
Learn how to defeat an assailant with hardly any effort your part by performing surprising moves like somersaults, flips, and even jumping on your opponent. You will also learn grappling moves like arm and wrist twists, ankle twists, and familiar wrestling moves like the half and full nelson.
Now you too can utilize the ancient art of Jiu Jitsu with Original Methods of Self-Defense: Jiu Jitsu!