No, No, No!

Illustrated by Yumi Akaishi

About The Book

This playful board book will ring true to any parent and toddler familiar with the words: No, no, no! 

"Rise and shine" says Mama Bear. "Time to wake up and get out of bed." 

"No, no, no!" says Little Bear. 

Mama says: "OK, stay in bed. But you'll miss out on this beautiful day... perfect for playing outside."

"No, no, no!" says Little Bear. "I will get up now."

Join Little Bear as his Mama asks him to do things throughout the day. He only responds "No, no, no!" But, luckily, Mama knows how to use his exact words to make him turn his attitude around. 

This playful board book features a humorous twist on the terrible twos. And, recognizing how these challenging moments are to be treasured

About The Illustrators

Yumi Akaishi currently lives in Tokyo and mainly works on creating children books for toddlers! She also writes and illustrates educational books, greeting cards, and illustrations for magazines.

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