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Nettie and the Sheperd

Published by Whiskey Creek Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The Shepherd has returned. This time accompanied by cyclopean, yellow-eyed, dark-skinned sulfuric smelling monsters called the Ockuli. Their job is to help him to not only search for human souls, but bodies for his army. Right now the Shepherd has directed his sights on a soul named Mason who has escaped the imprisonment of the glass jar. A young girl named Nettie finds herself in the clutches of everyday stress in middle school, soon stumbling into a ghostly world entitled the Sublime with her brother Nate—as well as helping Mason elude the wrath of the Shepherd. The Afterlife has surprises lurking around each corner, especially when it emerges that a computer teacher who teaches at Nettie's school is their only hope. This is the sequel to the first Shepherd book, BLUE LIGHTS IN A JAR!

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