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My First Book of Horses

Illustrated by Lena Furberg / Photographer Marie Paulsson-Bertmar

For the first-time horse owner, My First Book of Horses guides young equestrians through this very important—and fun—commitment. Beginning with a history of horses and what roles they’ve played throughout history, readers will get a full-color glimpse of horses with knights in full armor, as companions to the Native Americans, in formal dressage competitions, racing, and as a mode of early transportation.

This book then delves into all the need-to-know horse basics, including:

  • How to identify all the most popular breeds of horses (including the Shetland pony, Arab, Tinker, Fjord horse, and American Quarter horse)
  • Advice on tips on keeping a healthy, happy horse
  • A step-by-step mane- or tail-braiding guide, grooming your horse, and cleaning up after your horse (yes, it must be done!)
  • The details of horse equipment: saddles, horseshoes, boots, gloves, and helmets
  • A full glossary of horse terminology so that you can speak the equine lingo confidently
If you or your children love horses, this book is for you!