Mood Food

Break Down Diet Barriers, Become Empowered to Set Your Own Guidelines & Find the Freedom to Thrive

We live in a world where health information is thrown at us from all angles. Do this, not that. Eat this, not that. This is good for you, that is bad for you. Who do we even listen to? We have become trapped in this diet culture, and most of the time, we don’t even realize it. Product marketing, social media, magazines, TV, well-meaning advice from friends and family—influences are all around us, pulling on our heartstrings. The ultimate prize is looking a certain way. If we are thin, we are of value to society, but thinness comes at a price. The price of restricting our bodies of nutrients we need to thrive. The price of feeling like a failure and binge-eating in secret. The price of guilt and loss of self-worth. We hop from diet to diet in hopes that this one will work this time. People often fall so far down the rabbit hole that finding a way out seems almost impossible.

In her new book, Mood Food: Break Down Diet Barriers & Let Your Body Thrive, Tina Gravalos will help you emerge from the darkness and break free from the vicious cycle of dieting once and for all. She teaches you how to chart your own course by listening to your body’s needs and using your intuition rather than following a set list of food rules. 

Mood Food encourages you to incorporate the foods you love into your lifestyle on a regular basis. Consuming more of these foods will show you how powerful they are at helping you feel energized, reducing brain fog, lowering inflammation, and keeping you full and satisfied. This book is a practical guide to adopting intuitive eating, with chapters on “good mood foods” and mood disruptors, pantry staples, and make-ahead and freezer options, along with easy-to-follow recipes for savory dishes, blender meals, desserts, and more!