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The Ultimate Guide to Well-Being


About The Book

So...what is MINDFULNESS?  It's not just sitting on the floor om-ing. It's getting off the hamster wheel of our ping-ponging thoughts and paying attention to, and appreciating, everyday existence.  The payoff can be life-chaging! 

Mindfulness is a major buzzword these days, but the concept has been around for millennia. Everyone from the Buddha to John the Baptist to Gandhi has embraced its life-changing principles. However, they didn't face the challenges we do, namely 40-plus hour a week jobs (plus the commute), the responsibilities of relationships and parenthood, not to mention the distractions of TV, social media and a nonstop news cycle. 

This book helps the reader take a step back and look at the many reasons a more mindful life is worth the effort, including physical and mental benefits, greater focus, tolerance, self-control, emotional intelligence and a boost to the immune system. The book helps getting started on the path to being more mindful, starting with things that are derailing someone’s best intentions from a cluttered house to being overwhelmed with negative emotions. 

While mediation can be a key component of mindfulness, don't think that means you'll be stuck sitting cross-legged for hours on end: This guide offers lots of tips for easing into it. And there are many other forms of mindfulness to explore, from the way we eat and exercise, to establishing a gratitude practice and daily journaling. 

This book also provides journaling prompts that assist in the journey to self-discovery and mindfulness. Finally, hand’s on craft, activity and drawing exercises will help keep the reader zen by bringing his or her best self to the surface.

About The Author

Alyssa Shaffer appreciates what it takes to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. A longtime writer and editor who specializes in health, nutrition and fitness, she is the author of four best-selling books on these topics. She is the former executive editor of Muscle & Fitness Hers and fitness director for Fitness magazine and has written for dozens of consumer print magazines and websites. Alyssa lives and works in New York City with her husband, teenage twins, and a very sweet dog who helps alleviate stress with every belly rub.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Centennial Books (May 12, 2020)
  • Length: 128 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781951274191

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