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Microsoft Excel Made Easy (2018-19 Edition)

Part of Made Easy

Microsoft Excel is an incredible application, feature-rich and easy to use if you know how. It can help with the simplest of jobs, from shopping lists to presentation of data, to more complex formulas and sorting tasks. Everyone in business, or indeed, in almost any job, needs to know how to use this fundamental modern tool, so this updated edition provides information on all the basic capabilities and gives guidance on some of the more advanced techniques. Featuring step-by-step guides and clear, accessible text, the reader will learn everything they need to know and may discover some unexpected invaluable functions as a bonus.

Rob Hawkins has been involved with computers since he first bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum in the early Eighties and began writing his own games. He has many years' experience in computer-related journalism, reviewing and writing technical guides, along with photography and delivering computer training courses. His website can be viewed at

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