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Melania Trump

Elegance in the White House

A stunning photo collection showcasing Melania Trump’s time as First Lady of the United States.

Melania Trump’s journey from a communist upbringing to becoming First Lady gives her a perspective on true freedom that most people from western Europe and the United States take for granted. This book details in photographs and commentary the spectacular journey of a woman who brings elegance back to the White House. Fashion-forward and sophisticated, but also incredibly approachable and humble—her personal staff is less than half the size of the previous two First Ladies—Mrs. Trump is a political and cultural icon whose impact on history will surely be momentous.

 "The book highlights the journey of someone who brings her own 'distinctive elegance' to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and to her work on behalf of Americans. At a time when so many people appear to go out of their way to disrespect America’s first lady for their own political purposes — or simply because they can, on social media and elsewhere — it’s refreshing to see a new book that captures so much of Melania Trump’s grace, beauty and poise — and all of her charitable and humanitarian work as well."

– Maureen Mackey, Reporter for Lifezette

"A new photo book all about Melania Trump features several never-before-seen stunning photographs of the first lady since President Donald Trump was sworn into office. The unforgettable shots can all be found in a new book titled, 'Melania Trump: Elegance in the White House' by L.D. Hicks."


– Katie Jerkovich, Entertainment Reporter for Daily Caller

"I was recently sent this lovely book that showcases First Lady Melania Trump over the past few years. It is so delightful to look through it and rememberall the wonderful work Melania has done."

– AlwaysMelania, Instagram Influencer