Maya Cosmogenesis 2012

The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date

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About The Book

While researching the 2012 end-date of the Maya Calendar, John Major Jenkins decoded the Maya's galactic cosmology. The Maya discovered that the periodic alignment of the Sun with the center of the Milky Way galaxy is the formative influence on human evolution. These alignments also define a series of World Ages. The fourth age ends on December 21, 2012, when an epoch chapter in human history will come to an end. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 reveals the Maya's insight into the cyclic nature of time, and prepares us for our own cosmogenesis--the birth of a new world.

About The Author

John Major Jenkins (1964-2017) was a leading independent researcher on ancient Mesoamerican cosmology. He authored five books on the Maya, including Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Galactic Alignment, and Pyramid of Fire. He gave presentations at the prestigious Institute of Maya Studies in Miami, and in 1998, he was invited by the Indigenous Council of the Americas to speak at their conference in Merida, Mexico. He was featured on two episodes of the "Places of Mystery" TV show on Discovery Channel and appeared in the film Manifesting the Mind and the documentary 2012: Science or Superstition.

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  • Publisher: Bear & Company (August 1998)
  • Length: 480 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781879181489

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Raves and Reviews

"The extensive research by John Major Jenkins into the Mayan astronomy and mysteries is very impressive indeed, and his book will no doubt become a classic in this field of study. Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 is a must-read for all those who feel that there is far more to our ancient past than meets the eye."

– Robert G. Bauval, coauthor of The Orion Mystery

"Jenkins presents a wealth of information about the Maya astronomy, mythology, and calendrics in support of his analysis of the Long Count Calendar end-date . . . illustrations, maps, and extensive bibliography complement this detailed work."

– Library Journal

"The steady pace of Jenkin's unveiling of his remarkable conclusions is a testament to his skill as a writer and his confidence in the way he has pieced together existing ethnohistoric data, archeoastronomy, his own fieldwork and an admirable empathy for the people who first articulated this monumental story, this key to understanding the nature of our place as humans in the galactic patterns of existence."

– Curtis McCosco,, May 2009

“Readers will be impressed by Jenkins' scholarly yet interdisciplinary approach. He reaches beyond the confines of the ivory towers to break old paradigms and create several new ones. Primarily, he gives us insights into the nature of time and reality, how the larger cosmic cycles correlate to World Ages, which in turn shows us how to the world periodically renews itself.”

– Chris Lorenz, Dell Horoscope, December 2010

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