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March of the Crabs Vol. 3

Published by Archaia
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The March of the Crabs concludes in the third volume of the Eisner Award-nominated series.

Inhabiting the Gironde estuary, there is a race of crabs known for their strange defect: unable to evolve, they are condemned to spend their lives walking a single straight line. When Sunny, Boater, and Guitar, discovered a way to spur their biology and change directions, their bold moves broke the crabs into two clans: the rigid (who walk straight) and the turners (who change direction). Now, these two factions are prepared for battle as the other underwater creatures look on, ready to take a side. But the stunning rebellion comes in the crosshairs of another species on the brink of their own cataclysmic change of course . . . humanity. 

The Eisner Award-nominated series concludes in epic fashion with The March of the Crabs: The Revolution of the Crabs from acclaimed cartoonist Arthur de Pins. 

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