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Mah Jongg Book

The Oracle and the Game

Published by Thunder Bay Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The oracle and the game!

Do you have questions about your love life, career, health or future happiness? Well, now you can find the answers using this classic Chinese oracle from the Chou dynasty. Based on the best-selling Book-in-a-Box kits, Mah Jongg Book shows how to use the deck to give accurate answers to all your daily dilemmas and there are twelve sample readings to help you get started. Plus, there are instructions for playing the game of Mah Jongg. The original oracle from which the game evolved may be thousands of years old, but the advice it gives is as relevant today as it was to the Chinese seekers of wisdom all those years ago.

Derek Walters is an authority on Chinese traditional culture and is the author of several books on Chinese astrology, feng shui and other aspects of Chinese philosophy. He makes frequent visits to the Far East and is a member of the Scientific Organising Comittee for the international symposia on Chinese Astronomy and Traditional Culture at the Purple Mountain University, Nanjing, as well as being an honorary member of the society of Diviners, Hong Kong. Although officially retired, Derek still lectures regularly in Germany, and has inaugurated courses in Russia and the post-Soviet states.