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Love Your Body Feed Your Soul

Self-Care Rituals and Recipes for Your Inner Goddess

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The ultimate guide to self-love, health, beauty, and happiness.

This is a wellness book that goes way beyond the surface, grounding you in the intrinsic beauty of plant-based foods, while elevating you with inspired skin care recipes and sacred routines that tap into your inner glow and intuition. Filled with vibrant photos that turn you on to the sensuality and real pleasure of sacred beauty, healthful cuisine, and conscious rituals, Summer Sanders, author of Raw and Radiant, dives deep beyond the food and into the heart to awaken the senses and shine light on a new way of connecting to food, health, and life.

From topics like beauty, hormones, and cleansing, to motherhood and meditation, this book covers everything you need for total transformation from the inside out: 

  • Recipes for natural masks, scrubs, and hair treatments
  • Tips for seasonal cleansing and natural remedies
  • Healing tonics and smoothies
  • Self-care checklists and simple rituals to stay grounded
  • Mantras and meditations to connect to the power within
  • Light and bright food that will make you feel radiant
  • Intuitive eating, cycle syncing, and fully enjoying life and body
  • And more

This book contains everything you need to access and release your inner goddess—it will inspire the radiance of women while supporting us to release the old patriarchal views of beauty and embrace the real feminine powers that are living within us all. 


Self-love is a journey, it is not a destination. We have been conditioned for so long to pick ourselves apart, disregard our true perfection, and seek flaws. This work of loving yourself is not easy. It’s often really painful to find love in what we have deemed so unlovable. We all come into this world the same way, innocent, pure, and ready to give and receive love. The world is not always pretty, and our lessons are not always easy, but we are not alone. My story may be similar to yours, or maybe there are at least some themes within it that resonate with you. The main thing I really wanted to share is we all mess up. We all go through rough and rocky times, we all do things that our society labels as shameful, but what’s really important is that we don’t buy into that shame. I bought into it for so many years and all it did was keep me down. Once I began to share more openly about my past struggles with eating disorders, alcohol, relationships, and self-concept I began to hear so many other women’s stories. What struck me is how many of us share similar paths and how many of us feel so alone.

I feel so incredibly grateful for all my challenges. They have helped me birth my passions and have given me the opportunity to share my experiences in hopes of helping others find their healing journey. I wouldn’t be writing this book if it weren’t for my challenges; they’ve given me the confidence. I wouldn’t have written Raw and Radiant, I wouldn’t have opened my juice bar concepts, I wouldn’t have known how to share.

My hope is that this book supports you to make the changes you’re striving for in your diet, but really more in your life. I hope you find inspiration beyond the food, beyond the recipes, beyond the surface. My wish is for you to tap in fully to your own intuitive sense and begin creating recipes that will continue to heal your body, heart, and mind. You are a witch doctor, you are filled with secret ingredients that only you can offer. My intention is to help you unlock all that radiance that is living right underneath the surface.

I hope that you stop and smell the flowers, dig your feet in the earth, plant your own garden, put the phone down, and really revel in the beauty of your body and this amazing Mother Earth. I hope you feel the power of your spirit and the heartbeat of nature. Let these beauties be what fuels your life, let these gifts guide you into becom­ing a woman who knows her worth and walks in her power.

About The Author

Summer Sanders is a certified raw food chef, personal trainer, plant-based nutritionist, curator at Strong + Radiant, and founder of Local Juicery. She is passionate about helping people bring more vibrant plant-based foods into their diet in a delicious and exciting way. Summer is known for her innovative recipes and simple, laid back cooking style. Her work has been featured on Mind Body Green, The Body Book, Sakara Life, Free + Native, and many more. Summer lives in Sedona, Arizona, with her husband Mike and her son Henry.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (January 21, 2020)
  • Length: 312 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510747913

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Raves and Reviews

“In a sea of wellness and nutritional noise, Summer Sanders is a true householder whose mission of nutritional knowledge and empowerment for all is an outpouring of deep care for the health of her planet, neighborhoods, and family. She is a beautiful example of the new feminine powerhouse—a real, grassroots entrepreneur, alchemist, mother, and community maker.”
—Guru Jagat, author of Invincible Living and CEO/founder of RA MA Institute 

"Includes everything from recipes for natural masks, scrubs, and hair treatments to healing tonics and smoothies, to meditations and foods that will make you feel radiant." 
Green Living 

Praise for Summer’s first book Raw and Radiant
“Gorgeous recipes that taste as delicious as they will make you feel. You don’t have to be a raw foodist or vegan to appreciate these simple, gratifying meals.” —Michelle Branch, singer and co-host of Cook Taste Eat with Michael Mina, Los Angeles
“Summer is a raw food goddess and her recipes are out of this world! She has been my go-to-girl for amazing raw recipes and inspiration for several years now. Summer has truly has mastered the raw lifestyle and makes eating live, vibrant food fun and delicious!” —Whitney Tingle, Co-founder of Sakara Life in NYC
“I feel so fortunate to have the pleasure of knowing and working with Summer Sanders. She is a unique talent that truly inspires. Her passion behind health and living foods is genuine―her vibrancy transpires into the food that she makes, as well as the people she is around. Both she and her book are gorgeous! Get the book to get the vibe! You will love it.” —Meredith Baird, Co-Author of Everyday Raw Detox and Plant Food

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