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Louis L'Amour's Wild West

An Illustrated Celebration of America's Favorite Writer of Westerns

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Louis L’Amour, one of American’s most beloved Western writers, wrote over 100 novels in a thirty-year career. With over 100 million books sold, he is one of the most popular writers ever to put pen to paper. His novels were written in a clean flowing style and featured highly detailed Western settings, weapons, and equipment, a result of his research and firsthand observations from his North Dakota childhood. Now Bruce Wexler brings Louis L’Amour’s world to life in a beautifully illustrated guide to his work, the era, and the region.

L’Amour’s heroes are both lifelike and of high moral character. They fight for what is right, however great the odds might be against them. Many of his best-known characters, like the Sackett family, appear in several of his novels. The portrayal of his characters’ fight for survival is paramount to L’Amour’s work. His heroes have a strong appreciation of the need to respect the natural environment of the West and the rights of Native Americans. In Louis L’Amour’s Wild West, Wexler delivers details and images of the people, land, and gear that made up this world—cowboys, native tribes, weapons, clothing, and more.

Louis L’Amour’s Wild West brings the American frontier to life and will appeal to all those who share L’Amour’s interest in the wondrous history of the West. This book provides invaluable insight into the works of L’Amour for fans, current and future.

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