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Looking Younger

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Plan That Turns Back The Clock

Published by Centennial Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Learn five simple steps to glowing skin, getting rid of wrinkles fast, taking the pain out of going gray, and much more. 

Turn Back the Clock! Age may just be a number, but we all want to keep looking and feeling our best with each passing year. The good news: Much of what has to do with your appearance is completely under your control! From avoiding certain aging saboteurs to making sure your diet is filled with healthy choices, science is discovering that now, more than ever, there’s a good deal you can do to look and feel your best at every age. The Science of Looking Younger uncovers secrets to glowing skin, top agers (and how to avoid them), the best beauty supplements, anti-aging makeup tips and more. From DIY self care to a guide to pro level treatments from facials to face lifts, you’ll find everything you need to capture your own fountain of youth.

JANET LEE, DACM, RYT, is a doctor of Chinese medicine, a yoga instructor and a health journalist based in Kansas City, Missouri. A publishing industry veteran, Janet served as the fitness director at Shape, Self and Fitness magazines and has created hundreds of workouts for various publications as well as exercise DVDs and an app. She is a NASM-certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and frequently works with athletes. A former board member of the American Council on Exercise, Janet is also the co-author of The Supplement Handbook with Mark Moyad, MD, a research-based look at using supplements and lifestyle changes to help treat various health conditions. 

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