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Lone Wolf #8: Los Angeles Holocaust

Los Angeles Holocaust: Mike Barry

When a wolf leaves the pack, he lives only as long as he can kill by himself quicker and surer than any pack he runs up against. Meet a man beyond either forgiveness or vengeance. Meet the Man they Call The Lone Wolf. Better meet him now. The way he lives, he can’t live much longer.

Los Angeles was not a place but a mental state, the mental state of a severely deranged person. Wulff hated it. Los Angeles and New York were nominally both American cities but while New York was a great, steaming, dying beast, Los Angeles was merely vapor.

Wulff was marked, but he was marked for Calabrese. He was Calabrese’s game, Wulff, was, Wulff and his two million dollar cargo. Wulff was scheduled for killing, and it might as well happen in this cheap rooming house for unemployed actors in this suburb in a city that was all suburbs at the ragged-ass end of the continent …

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