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Liquid Crystal Nightingale

A bold and clever political thriller science fiction debut

Go deeper, they said. Look closer.

Pleo Tanza is a survivor. Her father was broken by tragedy, her twin sister is dead—chewed up and spat out by the corruption and injustice of Chatoyance—but she’s going to make it, whatever it takes. She’s going to get off this rock.

But escape is for the rich or lucky. Pleo’s framed for the murder of a rival student—the daughter of one of the colony’s wealthy, squabbling clans—and goes on the run, setting off a chain events that could destroy the fragile balance of the old colony forever…

“Captivating and well-written.” 

– British Fantasy Society on Let Her In

“A tour of the underworld...Lee knows crime.” 

– PC on KL Noir: Blue

“A richly imagined and engrossing piece of work!” 4/5

– SFX Magazine