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Learn about Space and Planets

Explore the wonders of our universe

How big is the universe? How far away is the sun? Why can stars only be seen at night? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this fun and fact-filled guide to our universe, the galaxies and constellations that surround us, our sun and the planets that move around it, and our closest companion the moon.

In this illustrated guide, the mysteries of the night sky will be revealed in a straight forward manner. You will learn how to spot the North Star or Polaris, how to identify constellations such as Ursa Major or the Big Bear in the northern hemisphere or Carina if you are in the southern hemisphere. A map of our solar system will detail all the planets and their properties from Mercury and Venus through to Uranus and Neptune. Also, why Pluto is no longer considered a planet. All the moon’s phases are explained from the waxing gibbous to the waning gibbous moon, and why you can’t actually see a new moon. You will discover the power of black holes and their potential. Plus what is a meteor and how we can see evidence of contact with space on earth. Discover the answers to all the questions you have about space and more!

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