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Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories

Unforgettable Tales from the House That Ruth Built

Foreword by Yogi Berra
Published by Sports Publishing
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

America’s foremost sportswriters and other personalities offer their favorite memories of Yankee Stadium, the world’s most famous ballpark. In Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories, editor Alex Belth of collects personal essays by some of the most well-known and respected voices in sportswriting and entertainment today in these revealing, sometimes hilarious, oft-touching essays. The book also includes a special chapter on New Yankee Stadium.

Contributors include:

  • Bob Costas
  • Charlie Sheen
  • Richard Ben Cramer
  • Pete Hamill
  • Tony Kornheiser
  • Tom Boswell
  • Dave Kindred
  • Leigh Montville
  • William Nack
  • Joe Posnanski
  • Jane Leavy
  • Pat Jordan
  • Maury Allen
  • Bob Klapisch
  • Tyler Kepner
  • Allen Barra
  • Marty Appel
  • Jeff Pearlman
  • Alan Schwarz
  • Charles Pierce
  • Steve Rushin
  • Nathan Ward
  • Mike Vaccaro
  • Rob Neyer
  • Ken Rosenthal
  • Scott Raab
  • Luis Guzman

This is a special book for every fan of “the big ballpark in the Bronx.”