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Kitten Lady's Big Year of Little Kittens 2021 Wall Calendar

From kitten rescuer and best-selling author Hannah Shaw, known as "Kitten Lady" on YouTube and Instagram, comes an adorable new wall calendar that will delight cat lovers of all ages.

The Kitten Lady's Big Year of Little Kittens 2021 Wall Calendar features thirteen charming photos of kittens with whimsical doodles along with interesting facts about how Hannah Shaw helps orphan kittens grow up, get adopted, and become healthy, happy cats.

  • Generous grids provides plenty of room to add reminders and appointments
  • Includes major official world holidays
  • Bonus spread for September–December 2020
  • Family-friendly content suitable for all ages 

Hannah Shaw is a professional kitten rescuer, best-selling author, and award-winning animal advocate who has dedicated her life to protecting the tiniest and most vulnerable felines: orphan kittens. Known by most as "Kitten Lady," she provides educational media and training resources that help individuals and shelters know how to save the lives of kittens—in a fun and engaging style. Hannah Shaw has personally rescued hundreds of kittens and saved countless others through her advocacy work. 

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