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Kings & Queens of Great Britain: Every Question Answered

Published by Thunder Bay Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

From the House of Wessex to the House of Windsor, follow the pageant of personalities that have made Great Britain what it is today.

Fascinating biographies of the British monarchs from the time of Roman Brittania to present day answer your every question about the country’s aristocracy. Details of the kings’ and queens’ personalities are the focus, with a timeline across the bottom relating the major events of their reigns. Also included is a section devoted to royal edicts. All the Edwards, Richards, Henrys, and Williams are represented, along with outstanding personalities such as Lady Jane Grey and Oliver Cromwell—a king in all but name. This is essential reading for all Anglophiles, so brew a pot of tea and dig into the history!

David Soud is a humanities scholar with two decades of teaching experience. While earning a doctorate at Oxford University, he immersed himself in British history and culture, including the extraordinary legacy of the British monarchy. An omnivorous learner, he enjoys research, writing, and practicing the art of explaining things. He lives in Maryland with his wife, author Rohini Ralby.