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Kid Astronomer

The Space Explorer's Guide to the Galaxy (Outer Space, Astronomy, Planets, Space Books for Kids)

Created by Applesauce Press
Published by Applesauce Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Blast off on an interstellar journey into the Milky Way and beyond with Kid Astronomer.

Introduce young readers to the wonders of space and answer little kids’ big questions about the universe. Is there life elsewhere in the universe? Do wormholes really exist? From the lesser known entities of black holes and dark matter to the Sun and the Perseids we can see from our backyards, let this book be your guide to the mysteries of the universe. This accessible book breaks difficult concepts down into kid-friendly language, so learning about things out of this world is easy and fun for everyone. Journey into the stars with beautiful photographs that let you get up close with astronomy. This book includes:

- In-depth profiles covering size, characteristics, and other key facts about the Sun, planets, and moons.
- A detailed look into other objects in our solar system such as asteroid belts, comets, constellations, and dwarf planets.
- Fascinating facts about space shuttles, satellites, the International Space Station, and past and future space exploration.

This book is perfect for little readers who love to navigate the night sky. Stargazers and future astronauts will learn everything there is to know about space in this comprehensive guide. It’s time to go on your own space expedition to the outer reaches of the universe. Bring faraway galaxies to your bookshelf with Kid Astronomer.

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