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Recipes & Preparation

Published by Flame Tree Illustrated
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

The Keto diet could be the answer to your weight loss and health ambitions. By consuming high proportions of fat, lower amounts of protein and limited carbs, you will coax your body in ketosis, a state in which you burn fat for energy instead of carbohydrates, thereby shedding unhealthy body fat more quickly. Medically, this diet has been proven to improve epilepsy in some children, and there are signs that it could play a part in preventing or alleviating health conditions such as dementia, diabetes, PCOS, Parkinson’s, bipolar disorder and even some cancers. This inspirational cookbook defines and explains the Keto way of eating in simple terms, taking you through how to safely transition to this lifestyle, before providing an array of easy, healthy and delicious recipes for breakfasts, lunch, snacks, small dishes, main meals, treats and desserts that are ideal for any occasion.

Laura is a professionally trained cook and freelance recipe writer for keto websites. She has answered thousands of cooking and keto questions over the years and has helped countless people with their own journey. She's passionate about trying new ingredients, getting kids into the kitchen, and tests her recipes on her own family. As a Californian, her work is heavily influenced by American, Mexican, and Asian cuisine.

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