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Keeping Chickens

A Kid's Guide to Everything You Need to Know about Breeds, Coops, Behavior, Eggs, and More!

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The best homesteading tips to raise happy, healthy chickens!

Whether you have chickens already or are just thinking of starting your own flock, this book is packed full of valuable information that will help you raise and maintain a happy, healthy flock. Not only will you learn the basics like how to pick the right breeds, how to house, feed, and care for your birds, but you will also find craft, gardening, and DIY projects that will make taking care of your flock fun and entertaining! 

You will find tons of information on:

  • Top breed picks for kids
  • What should be in a coop and how to clean the coop
  • Pros and cons of free range v. chicken coops
  • When to expect your first egg 
  • How to train your chickens to be more friendly (and even do tricks!)
  • Easy egg recipes and creative chicken crafts!

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