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Jupiter War

The Owner: Book Three

Part of Owner
Published by Night Shade
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

In this thrilling conclusion to the Owner trilogy, war could decimate Earth’s last hope!

  • Serene Galahad, Earth's vicious dictator, plans a devastating attack on Alan Saul
  • Clay Ruger holds the keys to rebuilding Earth and wonders how to stop Galahad
  • The Scourge struggles back to Earth and works to stop Galahad
  • Excellent choice for fans of post-apocalyptic and dystopian literature
  • From the author of the Polity series

In this apocalyptic story, the interactions between several key characters could be Earth's making or undoing. Alan Saul is both human and machine. He longs for the stars, but his human part is still in charge. He knows he needs to leave Argus Station to rescue his sister. It will be a perilous journey, but he is determined. He brings robots, which his crew does not like. They begin to feel unnecessary, which leads to thoughts of mutiny and danger for Saul.

Serene Galahad is Earth's brutal dictator with a secret: crime. In her desperation, she plans a vicious attack against Saul.

The Scourge barely makes it back to Earth. The few remaining members of the crew plot to kill Galahad before she can kill them. Clay Ruger has another plan. He wants and dares to negotiate with Galahad to save himself. Survival is key. Ruger has something that everyone, especially Galahad, wants: seeds to recreate and rejuvenate Earth. They are stolen goods, but Ruger names a price. Will it be enough to stop Galahad?

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