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Journey Into the Invisible

The World from Under the Microscope

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The world has many facets. Some are easily seen at first glance; others lie hidden, awaiting discovery. Journey into the Invisible gives children a brand-new way of looking at the world we live in, while making the information inside approachable and interesting for young readers. Discover how microscopes are made and what they are actually used for—then begin the exploration! You’ll discover fascinating facts and incredible (and sometimes gross!) images of plants, insects, rocks, water, and even the human body! Included are factoids and microscopic images of:

• Human hair
• Teeth
• Mosquitoes
• Tap water
• Snow
• Sand
• Pollen
• Leaves
• Butterflies
• And much more!

Learn how the hairs of a nettle behave like tiny hypodermic syringes and that plain old house dust is actually teeming with fascinating microorganisms. With stunning photos and sidebars full of mind-boggling tidbits, this book is sure to appeal to children fascinated by science and the world around them. The perfect addition to any elementary school classroom!

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