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Jesus & Co.

Connecting the Lessons of The Gospel with Today's Business World

Published by Post Hill Press
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Discover a Radical New Way to Bring Jesus to the Workplace

Jesus & Co. presents a radically different way to bring Jesus and the Gospels to our work lives. Learn how to not only survive, but thrive while swimming with sharks that surround us each day in the workplace. A very hopeful and encouraging book written by a former Fortune 500 “C” level executive who completed seven years of theological education to receive a Doctorate degree in Ministry, Jesus & Co. presents the blending of both these worlds in an extraordinarily practical way to help other working Christians.

Jesus & Co. uses the exact words spoken by Jesus and compelling historical evidence to bring Jesus alive in a very different way. Jesus becomes accessible and real, by connecting His words and the ancient Judean marketplace with inspiring business people from the 21st century.

This book is a must read for both clergy and faithful Christians, and has received 5 star reviews from its readers on Amazon.

“Bruce has given us another Jesus. He has made Jesus relevant to our lives.” —Dr. Virginia Samuel, Former Associate Dean of Drew University Theological School

“Jesus & Co is an inspiring and thought-provoking book! The real-life business challenges of today compared to similar issues occurring during the time of Jesus were so interesting.” —Mike Powell CEO

Jesus & Co. is a journey through time and the lives of Jesus and marvelous Christians. 

About The Authors

Product Details

  • Publisher: Post Hill Press (March 20, 2018)
  • Length: 224 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781682615478

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Raves and Reviews

"Really interesting book and very well written. Bruce uses the historical Jesus to play out the many facets of business in a unique way to tell the story. This, coupled with the blending of a personally powerful story makes for a unique and interesting story."

– Steve Strauss, author and syndicated columnist

"Welcome to the Marketplace and the Messiah. Here, in the company of Jesus, Networker, Delegator, Team Builder, and Borrower, you'll discover the best practices of the gospel as lived out in the aisles and corporate headquarters of America. In Jesus & Co., Hartman, famed CFO of Foot Locker, shares his own search for a productive career as he walks his readers toward the One who is the Way, the truth, and the life. Blessings on the Way."

– Dr. Heather Murray Elkins, author of Holy Stuff of Life

"As a Christ follower and business owner, I can tell you that every single word in this book has immense value. You can learn a ton from Bruce's workplace experience, personal faith, and God-given insight. A must-read!"

– Bryan Miles, Founder and CEO of Belay

"What Bruce Hartman has done in Jesus & Co.—and it's no small accomplishment—is take the stories of Jesus and retell them in a way that not only makes them particularly relevant to the modern business world, but also reinforces their meaning for everyone."  

– Richard Willett, award-winning playwright and editor of Proof of Heaven

"Bruce Hartman presents a persuasive argument in a well written format. I would expect nothing less. In the book Jesus & Co., Bruce invites the reader into his life as a senior officer in several Fortune 500 companies, while wrestling with the relevance of his faith as a Christian to his professional life. Drawing on his considerable body of work and, at the same time, drawing on the spiritual resources and challenges of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he gives insight into what it means to be a person of faith in every corner of one's life. Bruce has given us another Jesus. He has made Jesus relevant to our lives. This book is evangelism at its finest."

– Dr. Virginia Samuel, Former Associate Dean of Drew University Theological School

"Bravo! Great book full of wonderful life lessons about Jesus, the Apostles, and the contemporary workplace. Bruce provides an excellent view of the connection of today's marketplace with Jesus's marketplace. A great guide for anyone searching to 'balance' themselves, especially in today's business world. A must-read for any business executive looking to be successful ethically and professionally."

– Mike Zawosky, Former CEO of Shoe Sensation

"Congratulations to Bruce Hartman for writing a unique book that explains how many of the challenges that he encountered during his distinguished career in the business world were successfully resolved using tactics that were in line with the key messages from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Having worked for Bruce during most of his years at Foot Locker, I can attest to his distinct management style that empowered others to 'take charge,' his insistence that everyone 'focus on what counts' and to do so in a way that was ethically sound. His leadership style and the management process he employed were instrumental in getting the organization to capitalize on many opportunities that led to Foot Locker's ongoing success. In fact, many of the management processes that were developed during his years at Foot Locker are still used by the company today."

– Peter Brown, Former CIO and Treasurer of Foot Locker

"Bruce is an amazing life mentor. I have been lucky enough to learn from him for five years now in every discipline from private life to my career. He has a distinct way of balancing building one's enthusiasm with teaching the importance of authenticity and morality. He is a holistic visionary and master detail examiner, an expert at every level of business, from processing raw numbers to understanding the social impacts of business decisions. I am honored to have Bruce as a close friend and teacher. Anyone would be lucky to have a chance to learn from Bruce." 

– Dan Castellano, UX Evangelist

"Bruce is among the most insightful and innovative executives I have worked under. He was a key leader of the turnaround at Foot Locker. He drives innovation, challenges the team to think harder to generate ideas, and provides the leadership to execute the plan. He has played a significant role in the development of many executives' careers over the years, including mine."

– Ryan Mallory, VP Ross Stores

"A mentor is someone who has achieved the success that you want...someone who can help lead the way, encourage, and push you beyond what you thought you were capable of doing. For me, that was Bruce Hartman and I thank him for the wonderful journey, and congrats on a wonderful book."

– Ben Menezes, CFO Popcornopolis

"Bruce is one of the brightest financial executives I have worked with. He was excellent at driving productivity improvement programs and cash optimization strategies. He is also an experienced change agent, who helped drive a positive transformation of Yankee Candle."

– Harlan Kent, CEO Performance Sports Group

"Bruce has a broad and deep knowledge of business in general and, more specifically, of the companies he worked for, and fully understands the interdependence across functions. He has been a driving force in several turnarounds or corporate transformations. His single-minded focus and his will to execute made him an effective and successful executive."

– Jim Sutliffe, VP HRSC retail

"Bruce is a unique individual with a creative and innovative approach to getting things accomplished. Surgical in his approach to ascertaining the issues surrounding opportunities and any roadblocks standing in the way of progress. Possessing a tireless dedication to building an organization with sound and moral fundamentals, while ensuring the proper talent is brought to the process."

– Fran Clerkin, CEO BSP

"Extremely effective leaders who excels at organizational development and motivating his team. Bruce is the best change agent I have experienced. He was the primary reason Foot Locker was able to avoid bankruptcy."

– Peter Cupps, Former VP Foot Locker

"The mark of a great leader is the scorecard of people that he nurtured, promoted, and helped along the way. I can think of no less than a dozen executives that Bruce directly managed and mentored who have gone on to significant positions in other companies."

– Mike Powell, CEO Mark Allen

"Bruce is one of the most dynamic and passionate executives I've encountered in my career. His passion to drive change and rally the team is contagious. He is intelligent and has a broad knowledge base which provides him the capacity to rapidly discern the pertinent points and make quick decisions."

– Reggie Thomas, VP Yankee Candle

"I was hired by Bruce one year out of college. Through Bruce's management—and constant guidance—I learned the importance of planning and how to be focused. He taught me what it means to really work hard...and he always worked harder than those who worked with him. I learned from Bruce how to give people a chance to rise to the occasion and shine. Through it all, Bruce remained upbeat and patient. He gave me a great foundation that has served me well through the years...I am fortunate to have worked with Bruce."

– Barbara Chambers, Senior Engagement Officer, Alzheimer's Fund

"The relationship between Christianity and capitalism is fraught and complicated. Yet, in this thought-provoking book Bruce Hartman gives us a hopeful way of following Jesus in the marketplace with integrity and faithfulness. Christian leadership requires a rootedness that is also principally adaptable. Hartman shows us how to do so with probity and character."

– Javier A. Viera, Vice Provost, Dean of the Theological School, and Professor of Pastoral Theology and Leadership, Drew University

"Bruce Hartman explores how and why the god of the market is a false god, but Jesus in the marketplace is true and to be trusted. Be moved, challenged, instructed, and inspired by this supremely satisfying and brimful book."

– Leonard Sweet, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of

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