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It's Fun to Draw Knights, Castles, and Pirates

Step onto a pirate ship or a medieval kingdom with this group of swashbucklers and knights in shining armor. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations are easy and fun to follow, and children will be entertained by fun facts about pirates who roamed the open seas and brave knights who fought with honor. Kids will learn how to draw all types of peg-legged, parrot-loving pirates including:

  • Scurvy Jim and his treasure chest
  • Captain Clunk with a parrot on his shoulder
  • Sharkbait George with his telescope
And kids will learn how to create their own medieval kingdoms with grand castles and jousting, battling knights including:
  • Engleford Castle
  • Castle Guard
  • Mace Knight
In It's Fun to Draw Knights, Castles, and Pirates, Mark Bergin provides easy tips for using watercolors, crayons, pens, and collage to create some of the meanest pirates and noblest knights in the land. So raise your banners and hoist the anchor and get those young artists excited about drawing their very own pirates, knights, and castles!

This drawing/activity book is aimed at 4–8-year-old children and boasts many easy step-by-step instructions, making this a book that any child can work on with or without adult supervision. Perfect for preschool classrooms or to take on a family trip.

Mark Bergin was born in Hastings, England, in 1961. He studied at Eastbourne College of Art and has been illustrating children’s books since 1983. In 1991, he received a Times Educational Supplement award for book illustration. He lives in Bexhill-on-Sea, England.

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