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Five Steps to Overcoming Fear and Anxiety While Building Your Self-Worth

Foreword by Richard Carmona
Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

The goal to improving one's life begins internally. By addressing the quality of your mental state—whether fear, doubt, anxiety, depression—you can achieve a positive self-worth and improve your quality of life. It all begins with you!

All of us, at one point in our lives, have wondered if we are able to make the decisions or choices that will turn our lives around. Can I begin that work project I have been putting off? What about the diet that will help me lose weight and get healthy? Can I salvage the marriage that’s ripping at the seams? What do I do after losing my job? The hardest part can be taking that first step toward such a goal, and the fear can be overpowering.

That is the goal of InnerFitness. Former Mr. Universe, Nordine Zouareg, learned that while his outer self was chiseled out of stone, his inner self was crumbling. Rather than giving up, Nordine looked back on his life and actively reflected on the emotions that affected who he had become. From that point forward, his goal was not only to improve the quality of his life, but that of others.

During such self-exploration, he noted five key issues to personal improvement. They are:

  • self-worth
  • trust
  • tranquility
  • body
  • desire to fight

By exposing these five basic issues which hold us back, Nordine shows how to be empowered, have emotional clarity, and consistently choose freedom over fear, success over self-sabotage, confidence over insecurity, and courage over passivity. In essence, retraining your brain from “I’m not enough” to “I’m good enough.”

InnerFitness explains how to manage your inner voice—the one which tells us we’re not good enough, that we cannot succeed. By taking such steps, like celebrating victories (large or small) and seeing failures only as temporary and instructional, you will be on a path to loving yourself for who you are…which is the first step to a happier life.

About The Author

Product Details

  • Publisher: Skyhorse (January 26, 2021)
  • Length: 236 pages
  • ISBN13: 9781510757417

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Raves and Reviews

“By gaining awareness and going inward, we get to examine our own belief systems, which determine our behavior. In InnerFitness, Nordine offers those the opportunity to correct external false belief systems, hence his concept of self-esteem vs. self-worth. When we are free from long-held lies toward knowing who we are, we can build a better and harmonious life. This gives us all the opportunity to transcend ego and become gifts to each other.” —WYATT WEBB, bestselling author and creator/director of Equine Programs at Miraval Resorts
“A must read for anyone interested in self-discovery and using that insight to reach their highest potential. I’ve known Nordine for 25 years, and InnerFitness is indeed his finest work.” —DHARMA SINGH KHALSA, MD, bestselling author of Brain Longevity and Meditation As Medicine
InnerFitness is an inspiring guide to the one thing we all want: peace of mind. Nordine Zouareg shows that we can all find healthy and long-lasting ways to surrender and finally let go of what is not conducive to our health and well-being. The stories he eloquently recounts are powerful reminders that we have the power to rise above fear, doubt, and anxiety. I strongly recommend it to all those committed to rekindle their passion for life.” —JOHN ASSARAF, bestselling author of The Answer and world-leading mindset and behavioral expert
“Saying that InnerFitness is a timely book would be an understatement. Nordine Zouareg has created a powerful and practical way to bridge the gap between mental and physical health. His wisdom, along with his extensive experience, has paved the way to a new kind of fitness: emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual. In short, the fitness of life.” —JERRY AVENAIM, founder and director of the Mental Health Foundation

“Even if your initial goal is just to feel better physically or emotionally, this book offers a comprehensive approach to a total life makeover.”  —SCOTT BARKER, Tucson Lifestyle

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