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Improve Learning by Building Community

A Principal?s Guide to Action

Published by Skyhorse
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Written for both new and experienced principals, this resource provides a blueprint for building visionary learning communities that improve student learning not only by shaping the internal school community—faculty and staff—but also by creating a partnership with the external community—district educators, families, community organizations, and service agencies. Administrators will find invaluable assistance from Practical Tips that offer strategies for implementation, Points for Practicethat highlight critical concepts and Points to Ponder that promote reader reflection. Each chapter encourages school leaders to consider what community building means for their own schools and provides guidance for:
• Building a vision based on your personal and professional values
• Shaping a school culture that supports teamwork
• Honoring school staff members at all levels
• Examining and understanding the external environment
• Drawing effectively on community support services
• Collaborating with district staff
Improve Learning by Building Community helps principals bring together all stakeholders to create the kind of schools that can ensure success for every student.

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