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I'm Not Little!

Illustrated by Glenn Thomas

A funny picture book for children who are tired of being told they're little!

Papa calls him Little Buddy.

Mamma calls him Little Love Bug-and sometimes Little Fussbudget.

Fur Pa calls him Little Whippersnapper.

Fur Ma says, "Is this your little car?"

Little Shaggy is a fuzzy little monster, but he has a BIG problem. Everyone keeps calling him little! All day long his family asks him if he wants a little snack, a little story, or if he's a little grumpy. Well Little Shaggy has a little news:


He throws a big tantrum, but his mother is able to calm him down by giving him a little news: he has a new baby sister, and he is now a BIG brother! Shaggy now suddenly doesn't want to be big, but his mom tells him that he'll always be mama's little angel.