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I Heart Boy

Introduction by Weston Bingham / Photographer J. Yatrofsky
Published by powerHouse Books
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

With an erotic softness and quiet confidence, the young,fully-nude subjects in I Heart Boyexhibit a willingness to becelebrated by all for their beauty and openness. Posing inthe intimacy of their own homes, often in studio apartmentsin Manhattan's East Village and Lower East Side, and Williamsburg and Downtown Brooklyn, lanky,hairless bodies are posed sensually against the minimalistbackgrounds of naturally lit rooms with sparse furnishings.

It's an aestheticwith nods to Larry Clark and the 80s underground musicscene, and appreciated by the likes of designer HediSlimane, American Apparel, and the most popular indiebands from New York, L.A., London, Paris, and Berlin.Yatrofsky's waif-like men-merely boys just a few years ago,bordering on androgynous, with an occasional tattoo and abit of punk swagger to match their youthful naivete-hardlyresemble even the shadow of the beefcake of generationspast. This is the undressed and carefree look of today'surban trendsetter-whose style trickles out of the young,creative circles in cities, only to be copied elsewheretomorrow.

With each photograph, these sexually charged images ofmale bodies invite the viewer to dwell upon the welcometenderness of warm skin. Ultimately I Heart Boy is a series ofnudity in the purest sense; of being simply bared as humanbefore the world.