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I Could Have Done That!

27 Guided Projects Inspired By The World's Great Modern Artists

Illustrated by Guy Field

Try your hand at creating quirky pictures inspired by the world’s most famous artists!

Have you ever looked at a great work of art and said, “I could have done that!”? Well, now’s your chance! More than 25 guided drawing projects will show you how to re-create the compositions of various masterpieces from the world’s most famous artists. Step-by-step prompts guide you through each stage of the process, breaking it down into manageable chunks so that you end up with a quirky, personalized version of a well-known painting. 

Gary Panton is a writer, editor, and doodler whose work has appeared in loads of different books, magazines, and websites. He grew up in Scotland, but now lives in London. You can find him on Twitter at @garypanton.

Jocelyn Norbury is an editor for the creative arts and has worked on many illustrated books for artists and art lovers. She lives in London with her family.

Guy Field was raised in the West Midlands, UK, in a town called Stourbridge. He moved to sunny Cornwall to earn a BA in graphic design at Falmouth University, where he spent most of his time not doing any design but instead doodling in sketchbooks. He graduated in 2012 with a quest to bring drawing into his career, which he got the chance to do while working as an in-house designer at Studio Moross in London. He finally became a fully fledged freelancer in early 2018. Guy now lives and works in South London, largely from his studio near Brixton. He mostly enjoys drawing “stupid cartoons,” but also likes to mix it up with different styles and mediums, keeping things fresh and unique for a variety of projects and clients.