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How To Be a Dad

Puns, Pranks, Puzzlers, and Party Tricks

What does it take to be the world’s greatest dad (besides the mug, obviously. The mug is crucial)? This heartfelt, hilarious, and hands-on helpful guide has the answers you need. And some you probably didn’t.

Want to learn how to be a dad? And not just any dad, but that one dad everyone envies because he makes it look easy, whether “it” is throwing an excellent party, handling the most terrifying of diapers, decking out the spookiest Halloween house on the block, soothing a teething baby, or playing epic pranks and practical jokes.

With this book from the hilarious parenting site, you can be that dad (or mom. Or other excellent human.) Packed with tips on parenting at every stage from pregnancy to teenagers, fun-and-functional infographics, stories of amusingly epic mishaps from other parents, and no shortage of pranks, puns, and dad jokes guaranteed to elicit a crowd-pleasing laugh (or at least a pained groan), How to Be a Dad has it all!  

DO DADDING RIGHT: Tried-and-true tips from experts and fellow dads on how to do everything from change a diaper to having “the talk”
FOR EVERY AGE AND STAGE: Dads of kids from newborn to teen will find relevant and reassuring advice and strategies
100s of JOKES AND PRANKS: Filled with ideas for good-natured hijinks for dads of kids of all ages
POPULAR EXPERTS: From the creators and of, the go-to online destination for dad advice and humor
PERFECT GIFT: The ideal gift for new dads and Father’s Day