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How Bad Is Your Boss?

Do You Work for a Mentor or a Menace?

Illustrated by Chuck Gonzales

Let’s face it: we’re not all leaders. Some of us were born to take orders, while others were destined to delegate. But the truth is: we are both shackled and empowered by a simple transaction: if the boss didn’t pay you, you probably wouldn’t turn up. And the sign of a true boss? The sublime and unwavering knowledge that they are in charge.

Not all bosses handle being in charge in the same way, however. In How Bad Is Your Boss? you will find many questions to judge your boss’s approach and personality, including:

Does your boss greet you for your appraisal with a comforting hot chocolate or a sneer?
Does she steal the mic at post-work karaoke or is she happy to retain the role of supreme but aloof overseer?
Is his style more simpering-puppy or hardline taskmaster?

With How Bad Is Your Boss?, you will discover what lies beneath your boss’s managerial demeanor with a series of fun tests and activities to confirm whether your boss is secretly a real person.

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