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Tales of Henghis Hapthorn, Book Three

"Hughes continues to carve out a unique place for himself in the fantasy-mystery realm with his superlative third adventure featuring Holmesian “discriminator” Henghis Hapthorn. . . . A droll narrative voice, dry humor and an alternate universe that's accessible without explicit exposition make this a winner."—Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Another worthy installment in a consistently enjoyable series that mashes together science and magic."—SF Signal

As magic begins to reassert its ancient dominion, Old Earth's foremost freelance discriminator, Henghis Hapthorn, and his intuition (now a separate person named Osk Rievor), are living apart, though they remain on good terms. But now there comes between them a woman of alluring mystery. Who is Hespira? Does she truly want either of them? Or has she come to destroy them both?

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