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Heidi Heckelbeck Is the Bestest Babysitter!

Book #16 of Heidi Heckelbeck
Illustrated by Priscilla Burris

Heidi Heckelbeck wants to prove she can make it in the babysitting business, but she’ll need a little magic and a lot of help from her friends!

Heidi Heckelbeck is eager to start babysitting, but her mom doesn’t think she’s old enough yet. To prove she’s ready to be responsible, Heidi teams up with Laurel and Bruce to create a spectacular booth—called the “Little Explorers Museum”—for the Brewster Elementary fair. It’s going to be an exciting exhibit of fabulous art projects, nifty science experiments…and babysitting! But when Heidi worries that her babysitting station won’t attract enough visitors, will her Book of Spells help her find a magical solution?

With easy-to-read language and illustrations on almost ever page, the Heidi Heckelbeck chapter books are perfect for beginning readers.

Heidi Heckelbeck Is the Bestest Babysitter!

Heidi had her very own classroom in the playroom. She had a chalkboard, a desk, and a pointer. She even had students: a stuffed panda; a stuffed kangaroo; and her little brother, Henry. They all sat on small wooden chairs in front of Heidi, who was, of course, the teacher. She called herself Mrs. Applegarth.

Mrs. Applegarth tapped the chalkboard with her pointer. “Class, what can you tell me animals do when they’re scared?”

Henry raised his hand. Mrs. Applegarth called on him.

“Skunks spray stink bombs when they’re scared,” he answered. “And octopuses squirt black ink.”

“Good answer, Henry,” said Mrs. Applegarth. “You get a gold star!”

Heidi handed Henry a gold star sticker.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Applegarth!” said someone from the door.

Heidi pulled off her pretend glasses and looked at the door. It was Mom.

Wanda Coven has always loved magic. When she was little, she used to make secret potions from smooshed shells and acorns. Then she would pretend to transport herself and her friends to enchanted places. Now she visits other worlds through writing. Wanda lives with her husband and son in San Jose, California. They have three cats: Hilda, Agnes, and Claw-dia.

Priscilla Burris has illustrated numerous books for children, parents, and teachers. She enjoys cake painting and creating art for products that include murals, greeting cards, and rubber stamps. Priscilla lives with her family in Southern California.

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