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The Story of a Boy Who Learns How to Think Before He Acts

Illustrated by Gabriel Lisowski
Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

About The Book

Around two hundred years ago, Eastern European communities of Hasidim, Jewish thinkers, and mystics throve. Among the Hasidim were the tzadikim—“the righteous ones”—who were the holiest of all. One such tzadik in the nineteenth century was Kotsker Rebbe, who helped guide thousands of Jews who sought his advice on their problems and lives. Hardlucky is a story about the wisdom of the Kotsker Rebbe and his ability to help others see how to improve themselves and their lives.

Hardlucky is—as his name implies—always falling victim to his bad luck. He falls down stairs, accidentally hits a cow with his work cart, and unfortunately burns down his house. Blaming his hometown for his bad luck streak, Hardlucky sets out to find a new home. But his bad luck seems to follow him—and he even lands in jail! He is eventually taken to the home of Kotsk, the wise rabbi, who helps Hardlucky realize that if he would just look, listen, and think before acting, his life would be a lot less unlucky. This Jewish parable of making your own luck—and thinking before you act—is sure to speak to children (and adults) of all ages.

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