Hand Lettering Through the Psalms

A Creative Devotional and Inspirational Journal

About The Book

Learn creative lettering and modern calligraphy through reading, meditating, and memorizing Psalms!

Immerse yourself in the Psalms while learning how to hand letter the alphabet in various styles, and then apply your knowledge to create scripture artwork that can grace the walls of your home. Each of the twenty-five devotions in this beautiful book include a portion of the Psalms, a meaningful reflection, a letter of the alphabet to practice, and a Bible verse to trace. Each devotion is purposefully brief to allow busy women an opportunity to reflect on the scriptures while enjoying a creative outlet.

Each devotion has a focus sure to inspire, uplift, convict, and draw us nearer to God's heart. Topics cover God's promises in times of suffering, praising God in difficult times, combatting envy and sinful jealousy, and the importance of forgiveness. Dive deep into God's Word while engaging the creativity He has given each of us!

Cursive and penmanship may be losing their spots in our public education systems, but there is a resurgence of interest in creating beautiful hand lettered artwork in our journals and for displaying in our homes. It's likely easier than you think! Enjoy the learning process while meditating on God's holy Word.