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Hacks for Fortniters: Building Strategies

An Unofficial Guide to Tips and Tricks That Other Guides Won't Teach You

Published by Sky Pony
Distributed by Simon & Schuster

Fortnite Battle Royale Hacks: Building Strategies will demonstrate how to build a variety of customized structures, as well as offer fortress design ideas utilized by pro players. Step-by-step building instructions, along with full-color screenshots and strategies for choosing the right building materials and building locations, are provided within this invaluable resource.

In addition to these building strategies, this full-color, unofficial strategy guide will also provide hundreds of tips and tricks for surviving and winning each match. To survive, a player must simultaneously handle several key tasks, including:

  • Exploration of the Island
  • Finding, Collecting, and Using Weapons
  • Finding, Collecting, and Using Loot Items
  • Gathering and Using Resources
  • Engage in Combat Against Enemy Soldiers
  • Avoid the Deadly Storm
  • Building Structures and Fortresses

    Targeted to readers age 8 and up, this unofficial guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Fortnite Battle Royale game, regardless of which gaming platform the reader is using. An emphasis, however, will be placed on teaching expert building strategies that can be used throughout each match. An entire section of the book will include End Game fortress building strategies that will appeal to beginner and expert players alike.
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